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Detecting and locating underground assets like cables, gas, power and drainage/water pipes etc is very important before taking up a project as there shall be every chance to come up with a design that don’t damage these assets by any means. To trace out these underground assets there are many products available in the market and the online store Utilicom brings them all onto a single platform to find one that suits to your needs. The online store source the latest products with updated technology to ensure the customers find the best products to meet their requirements. You can find Utilicom bringing you pipes and cable locators, sondes and trackers, CCTV pipe inspection, water leak detectors and many more that allows to detect the underground and above ground assets without much efforts. The fibrescope is one such product where a flexible fiber optic is attached with an eyepiece at one end and a lens at the other end to inspect details of parts in machines or pipes that are hard to reach out manually. This fibrescope which can be inserted at different angles and use refraction of light to identify things that are not visible to the naked eye can be used for different applications in industries like aviation, buildings, welding, oil and gas etc to capture images and diagnose things for further action. Utilicom brings you some of the best fibrescopes with a clear description of the product and specifications for you to make a choice.

Confined Space inspection Camera

Similarly, you can also checkout for the hot sticks that are generally used in the electric power distribution field as they can protect the workers from electric shocks while working on the live-line energized high voltage electric power lines. These hot sticks are extensively used by the electric utility workers where the hot sticks are an insulated poles that are generally made from fiberglass. It is not just these products but you can also find Utilicom bringing you many more products that are helpful for the detection of both ground and underground assets without much efforts. All the products offered by them come in the best quality and also along with a warranty so that you can be assured about the products offering accurate readings and results in varying condition. All you need is to just go through their product catalogue to choose the products that you are interested and compare the models and specifications that are being offered by different brands and place an order online to have them delivered to your doorsteps within no time of making the payment online for the chosen product.