Find Best Quality Plumbers Leak Detector Products Online

Plumbers need quality equipment and tools for detecting any underground leakages and repairing them effectively. To avail such equipment the one stop shop is Utilicom that brings you a range of products on to a single platform for not only detecting, locating and inspecting underground but also above ground assets. Especially plumbers can find the leak detector products from Utilicom world class that are sourced from across the globe to offer latest technology products to the plumbes. The plumbers leak detector products are available in different capacities and models that one can chose based on the requirement. The water leak detector AT-407 is one product that comes with an acoustic sensor spectrum and an ability to choose minimum frequency background noise with 31storage signal levels, graphic visualisation, intuitive control system and other features that helps to detect any leak up to 6 m depth. Similarly, there is water leak detector Eco 100 that can be used to detect leaks that are not visible in the buried pipelines. The Eco 200 is further advanced product that can filter and analyse sounds created by leaks and transmit them to know the exact depth of the leakage to take necessary action. You can also check out for acoustic leak detector that comes in budget price to check leaks in underground water pipes both metal and non-metal making things easy for the plumbers to get into action.

Video Borescope

The company also offers many more products like pipe and cable locators, makers, sondes & trackers, CCTV pipe inspection, borescopes, thermal image cameras, pit inspection camera, electrical teasers and many more that are used for detecting, locating and inspecting things that are generally not visible to the eye. They also bring quality hot sticks which is an insulated pole that is generally used electric utility workers when they are working live line on highly energized voltage electric power lines to have protection from the electric shocks. These hot sticks are used in different conditions which come in varying specifications for you to find one suitable for your requirements. The company Utilicom makes it easy for you to simply browse through their category of detection and inspection products with clear product description, specifications and product images for you to choose them online and place an order for delivery. The company ensures best quality and standards of all the products supplied by them with latest technology to meet your requirements.