Utilicom Brings Best Plumbers Leak Detector Products Onto A Single Platform For You To Make A Choice

Water leakages are quite common and while some are visible outwards many may be internal leakages that need special equipment to track and trace the leakages based on which the repair work can be done by the plumbers. Utilicom brings the best plumbers leak detector products that come in the best quality and upgraded technology and technology sourced from across the globe. As you check out the water leak detectors you find the AT-407 as one of the best with acoustic sensor spectrum with the ability to choose the minimum frequency background noise. This equipment can store 31 signal levels along with a graphical display and a set of measurements with max and minimum signal levels. You can also find a protection from the random acoustic noise and intuitive control system for the plumbers to easily trace out the leakage to fix the problem. One can detect leakages up to 6 meter depth using this AT-407 with a choice of bandwidth and two segment frequency indication spectrum to find the signal.

Pipe & Cable Detector

Similarly, the ECO 100 is one more superior product to detect water leakage. This is a professional acoustic equipment that is designed to trace noise and transmit it to the operator which is best used to find leakages in buried pipelines under 1.5 meters and more that is based on the water pressure. This equipment can be used to do leakage research and companies that are into leakage research activities and finding illegal connections and fraud detection can find this the best choice. It comes along with a battery, main amplifier, charger, ground sensor, headphones, listening stick and carrying case. The ECO 200 is further more advanced that is not only an acoustic     leakage detector but is also designed to amplify, filter and analyse the sounds created by leaks in the buried pipes based on the water pressure and transmit them to the operator. This is best for professional applications and municipal organisations to detect underground leakages.

Water Leak Correlator

You can also check out for the metal and non-metal pipeline locater blended with water leakage detection function that can act as both cable and pipeline locater as well as leakage detector with dual functionality. There is also a pulse generator for plastic pipes and also pressure and flow datalogger for you to check out from the platform of Utilicom. You can browse through the product category and details to make your choice and place an order online that suits to your requirements in the best quality and price.
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