The Underground Service Locator Helps In Identifying Valuable Underground Assets Before Excavating The Ground For Any Projects

If you are planning for any projects that include digging or excavation of ground you should be aware about the underground assets like cables, pipelines, chambers or ducts that are valuable and should be damaged by any means. However, to identify the ground as well as the underground assets there are many types of underground service locators that can be chosen based on your requirements. Utilicom is one such online store that brings you a range of underground service locator equipment that comes with the latest technology and sourced from across the globe for the customers to easily find one that best meets their needs. The plumbers leak detector is one such equipment that helps the plumbers to easily identify leaks in any underground pipes without digging up the ground. This helps in easily pinpointing the location to do the repair works that surely saves lot of time and efforts. The water detector comes with acoustic sensor spectrum that comes with 31 signal storage levels and also a graphic visualization and display to identify the water leakage and the depth of the pipes. There are different models in these water leak detectors like the ECO 100, ECO 200 and also metal and non-metal pipeline locator with water leakage detection function that would be really helpful for the plumbers to carry on with their jobs.

HVD Capacitive H.V. Detectors

The underground service locator for pipes and cables can trace buried pipes and cables at a depth with the help of powerful 20 watt transmitter, advanced graphical lcd display and also on screen automatic depth reading that works out by detecting energized 50 Hz power lines with passive frequency of power, radio and BB and active frequency of 512/1024/8192/32768 HZ. The capacity of the locators vary based on the model and the specifications chosen that would be helpful in tracing and locating the underground assets to avoid the costs of cutting down these valuable assets. Utilicom also brings you a range of products like snodes & trackers, cctv pipe installation, smoke teste for sewer and drains, borescopes, fibre glass rods, pit inspection camera and many more that would be useful in different applications.

Pit Inspection Camera

Utilicom as a one stop platform brings you these quality underground asset detectors with clear image and product description to place your order online. All the products come in the best quality along with a warranty applicable from the manufacturer.
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